CLASUM DESUM is Clara Guibert Monreal and Denjo Denev (DenjoDe). They are performing their own compositions - songs and instrumentals - alongside with improvisation over their own arrangements of known and unknown pieces of classical, rock and folk music. After years of travelling, working together and passing through adventurous experiences in many countries and in different fields of life, they found, that their passion for music is surviving all the testing challenges and temptations. It was one of the few things which were stubbornly resisting abandoning them. The favourable circumstances in their life in the passed few years, since they left London, allowed them to find the time and conditions to dedicate more of their time to the common passion they are carrying within - the music. Doing that they found certain state of peacefulness and satisfaction – they were able to respond more adequately to the need to be involved into the world of music.
Both – Clara and Denjo - have very distinctive and uncommon back ground. When more than 10 years ago, their paths crossed in New York, each of them was carrying a bag full up with variety of experiences and influences - Clara, born in North of Spain, has always been affectionate with classical music, Flamenco and the South American folk. This was combined with the unavoidable for her generation seasoning (garnish) of the North American and English rock and pop music. Clara had a chance to live for more that 6 months in Ecuador before coming back to USA and Spain.
Denjo was born in Bulgaria, where the influences of the Balkan folk music have left significant traces in his musical formation. Those specific uneven rhythms and chorus singings were in a prolonging battle with the rebellion-full influences of the - then forbidden - English pop and rock. Some Russian bards and Mongolian throat singers were involved to help to sort that out. Denjo moved to Holland, where he lived for 5 years, before going to USA.

On the Staten Island in New York, Denjo and Clara met. There, in the Big Apple the base of a new formation, of a new mixture, consisting of quiet unusual musical influences was laid down: – the Rodopy mountain folk songs were replaced with a small Mozart pieces, Bob Dylan was sounding after Chavela Vargas and Camaron de La Isla was an interlude for a Beatles ballads. At the first encounter of the two members of CLASUM DESUM, and during the years, so many different combinations were possible - it was an enriching and fascinating experience. This unusual cocktail of tunes is still CLASUM DESUM favourite beverage. Times passed by - they have discovered new places, were they were living and working  - after New York they moved to Mallorca, Gran Canaria, North of Spain and Germany, until they settled down - to establish and develop a small artistic and hospitality business in London. London took 6 years of their life. They were this time hosting musical events, but could not participate in it - their play ground was the kitchen. Once they left London they travelled again through the Western and Eastern Europe. Finally they had the opportunity to settle in the South of Spain, where they are living for the last few years. CLASUM DESUM repertoire is a reflection of their life experience and expresses in a way the way they are connecting with the reality and the existence. Always open for new experiences, CLASUM DESUM is now on stage where they need to express what they have got and open a space for a new conceptions and developments.